Friday, January 22, 2010

Posting more.

I just use my blog mainly as a springboard to all the other ones I am watching, but something postworthy happens once in a while.

I decided to go into work late, so I could sell my TV to some guy after work. Rather than get up and do something productive, I think I made a conscious choice to stay in bed and dream. Not because I was tired, but because my dream felt like it wasn't being dreamt to it's satisfaction.

I had a dream where I was floating around a city. It was a very urban place like Paris or NYC. It was me going home after work, through a crowded market, a plaza, up and down stairs, just kind of cool. I got home and immediately my conciousness was transferred to another person, who then started the trip in reverse, and a slightly different route. This dream has happened a few times and I want it to return so I can examine this place closer.

I also had an idea for a short story the other day. A person that celebrates the birth of every day, and mourns the death of every day.

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