Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I'm single.

Thought experiment post time. Also giving typing on an iPad a shot. So far so good.

Number one. I'm too nice. Like literally too nice of a person to live in this world let alone find a girl who digs it. I'm still baffled how being a rude douche has more appeal to women than being an ethical good person. I'm nice, but am I too nice? Rther than quantify it, I'm just going to say yes. I'm too accommodating. Either I have my own shit figured out enough that I direct my thought and energy outward, or I just dont care about myself enough that an need my locus outside myself in order to fulfil same unmet Freudian need or something. Prolly a combination.

NĂºmero dos. Holy fuck, the iPad does accents for you. Go apple. I'm too smart. I don't know if I am a genius or something but I have a hard time connecting with people simply because I think on a higher level than most. I can't turn it off either, and it's ridiculous. I really hard to find smart women, or just smart people in general, but is rough. I'm not talking about how much you know, I'm talking about true intelligence, abilities to create and share unique and smart thoughts. This can also be attributed to why I prefer to not be around my lot of peppe in general, but it doesnt help on the female front.

Reason the third, I'm broken somehow. Havent exactly nailed this one down yet, but there is something subconsciously that is happening and cockblocking me. Rich and I had a discussion of whose is better equipped to establish a successful relationship: someone who comes from a divorced household, or someone whose parents are still together. I'd argue that it depends. Those with divorced parents have a higher nsuccess rate with mates who's parents are also broken up than with a mate with married parents. I'd also argue that it goes both ways. So in some way, I'm single because I haven't found that other broken person out there yet.

I'm also tragically single by choice as well. I'm still on my me kick, and I don't have time for another persons right now until things settle way down. The need for companionship pings me once in a while, but it passes with a quick look at okcupid and I see what the selection looks like. Talk about a wasteland. When every girl is a smart, fun loving, artsy, funny special snowflake, no girls are. Get over yourselves girls.

Okay, wet blanket over. Gogo gadget iPad. Typing on you is actually not terrible. Less than three.

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